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Men's Silver Watches

Watches are a great way to tell the time - all you have to do is check your wrist and you’ll know the time. Watches are key to time management and ensure that you’re on time for whatever life throws at you.

However, there are more reasons to buy a watch than just to tell the time.

Watches Keep Distractions To A Minimum

In the world of technology, most of us check the time using our phones. However, our phones can be very problematic as they distract us from the real world.

When you check the time on your phone, chances are, you’ll end up checking your notifications and replying to texts, emails, and returning phone calls. You may even end up scrolling through your social media feed for a while - and forget to check the time!

Wearing a watch keeps your head in the real world, and can prevent you from being distracted by your phone every time you check the time.

Watches Are A Fashion Statement

Watches can make a great addition to any outfit. You can find brilliant formal watches that you can wear when you’re out with friends, going to a fancy restaurant, or a business meeting - as well as casual watches for everyday wear.

Unlike many fashion items, watches aren’t limited to one season, event, or place. You can wear a watch wherever you go, no matter the time of year or occasion. Wearing a watch shows that you care about time management, and adds a sense of professionalism to any attire.

Watches Make A Great Gift

One of the best reasons to buy a watch is to gift it to somebody else. Watches are a timeless gift, and our Amavi watches last for years and years. Whether you’re looking for a great Christmas gift, a birthday present, an anniversary gift, or even a Valentine's gift, watches are a great go-to that is sure to put a smile on a loved one’s face.

Explore Our Men’s Silver Watches

At Amavi, we have a variety of watches for any occasion. If you’re looking for silver watches, you can find a quality men’s silver watch in either our Prestige Collection or our Urban Collection.

Our Prestige Collection features luxury watches at an affordable price - after all, why should you pay hundreds of pounds for a luxury watch when you can get an Amavi luxury watch for under £170?

The go-to silver watch from our Prestige collection is the Prestige Silver. This watch proves that you don’t have to compromise quality for affordability. Cased in a 41mm brushed silver stainless steel case and featuring a silver-grey dial, it’s both durable and stylish - and can be a great addition to any outfit.

The hands are luminous which provides great visibility even in dark conditions. The watch is completed with a brushed silver steel strap with a butterfly clasp for easy fastening. However, if you prefer a splash of colour, you may prefer the Amavi Heritage Silver, which has a stylish navy blue dial.

For something a little more casual, take a look at our Urban Collection. The Urban Light is perfect for everyday wear and features a brushed silver finish and a silver-plated stainless steel mesh strap, contrasting with the fashionable black dial.

About Amavi Watches

Luxury watches can retail at thousands and thousands of pounds, which is an unrealistic price for the vast majority of customers.

However, many people will settle for less than perfect and prioritise affordability. At Amavi, we have perfected the balance between quality and affordability, so you no longer have to compromise when finding the perfect watch.

Our watches are of excellent quality - every watch has been assembled by hand and then tested and quality approved by a certified quality control expert, who has over 30 years of industry experience.

Amavi watches go through the same testing measures as some of the leading luxury watch brands in the watch business, so rest assured your watch of choice will be nothing less than perfect. Our watches are timeless - knowing how to manage and utilise your time is the key to success, and Amavi watches will bring you one step closer.

This watch has an effortlessly sophisticated look you’ll love which will be sure to add a decadent designer touch to your wrist. Set within a 41mm brushed grey stainless steel case, this timepiece features a classic navy blue d...
Our new LIMITED EDITION Prestige Dark Knight is finally here. There are only 270 uniquely numbered and signed watches available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! The Prestige Dark Knight is an individually numbered timepiec...
With a striking and luxurious appearance, the Urban Light is the definition of style. The watch features a beautiful black dial, luminous numerals and a brushed silver finish to the case. The silver plated, stainless steel mesh...
This watch proves that a bold statement does not have to break the bank. The Royal Gold will elevate your everyday outfit, your mood and encourage you to own your time. Set within a 41mm brushed gold stainless steel case, this ...
This watch proves that quality doesn’t need to break the bank. The Prestige Silver is defined by its minimalist yet luxury appearance. Set within a 41mm brushed silver stainless steel case, this timepiece features a detailed li...
The Urban Eclipse is a fusion of style and luxury. The brushed Gold case is complemented perfectly by an elegant black stainless steel strap and a black horizontally embossed dial.
This watch is a blend of style and sophistication. If you want a watch that will turn heads, this is the watch for you. Set within a 41mm brushed rose gold steel case, this timepiece features a beautifully crafted dark blue dia...
The perfect everyday watch, defined by imaginative detailing and the finest materials. Set within a 41mm brushed black stainless steel case, this timepiece features a bold black dial with stylish luminous hands for optimum visi...
Our new Prestige Commando is finally here.  Known for their ability to take on any assignment with courage, strength, and precision, a commando unit often goes above and beyond the normal call of duty. In honour of this elite f...
The Urban Shadow is a true statement piece. It projects style, sophistication and luxury. The watch features a striking black dial, luminous numerals, brushed black exterior and a quality black stainless steel mesh strap. This ...
With luxury details and styling, the Urban Sunrise is a serious head-turner. The black polished and satin-finish appearance complimented with the luminous numerals and red accents is bold and stylish and would compliment any ou...
The ladies Silver Jewel is the true definition of elegance. Its high-quality aesthetic appearance can be seen throughout the design as well as the finest materials and craftsmanship. In this model, the symmetrical 34 mm case an...
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