Analogue Vs Digital Watches: The Key Differences

If you’re looking to add a new watch to your wishlist in 2023, now is the time to invest in a timepiece of your choice - whether it be a stainless steel watch, leather watch, or a luxury watch.

Putting time and effort into your style is regarded as a hint of your personality. Ensuring that you create a stylish and creative presence when around others can be crucial to any form of success.

Nowadays, analogue or digital watches are extremely popular choices among the public. In this blog, we will help you to understand and learn what each watch is, why they are so popular and the key differences between the two. Keep reading to learn more!


What is an Analogue Watch?

An analogue watch is more of a traditional style of watch that people will recognise from the huge watch brands on the market. As you have most likely seen, these models use hands that slowly move around the clock face as the time of day alternates.

Whether it is two or three hands on the watch, these are the staple of a traditional analogue watch that can’t be missed. The sentimental reasons and pleasing aesthetic are what keeps the hands on the watch so favoured to this day.

‘Tick tock’ is most likely a phrase you’ve heard in your lifetime. This comes from the ticking motion within an analogue watch system as each second passes by.

As for the size of each hand, they differ in length and thickness. This was put in place so people could tell the difference between the hour hand, minute hand and second hand.

For example, the hour hand is always the shortest hand, yet the thickest hand on the clock face. Whereas, the minute hand is longer than the hour hand but thicker than the second hand. As these are all differentiated, you will never be confused with any of the timings when reading your clock.

As for knowing what the time is, conventional analogue watches will either be in basic numbers (showing 12,9,6 and 3) or Arabic or Roman numerals. With there being a variety of options, having the choice of picking between your favourite numeric dials gives you the chance to express your personal style.


What is a Digital Watch?

On the flip side, digital watches are completely different in comparison to a long-established analogue watch. Telling the time is still the main priority of this watch, but rather than using hands - they display the time digitally.

Depending on the model you invest in, you will see the time displayed in either LED or LCD. An LED display is better for energy preservation as LED light will need little to no energy life to charge.

Only recently have these become favoured due to technology improving year by year. Now, some of the biggest brands in the world are completely invested in the idea and see the potential for growth in this venture.

Over time, these watches have evolved even more, with new features being added every year. For example, you can now track your steps, heart rate, calories burned and many more impressive technologies.

Not only that but workout timers, calculators, texting features and other new applications are being added every few months. They are slowly becoming a convenient replacement for phones - whilst staying on track with your fitness and health goals too.

With voice-activation tools, you can now ask the watch (yes… ask the watch) to create tasks for you to do in order to remind yourself that certain activities need to be completed.


The Key Differences Between Analogue and Digital Watches

As you now know what each timepiece is, you may already notice a difference in why they’re opposing in many different avenues. Gaining full knowledge of each watch will help you decide which one will suit you more.

Whether you’re an active person or looking for style will be one of the biggest factors in the final decision. However, if you have an active lifestyle but want style too - it will often come down to the subtle contrasts that will ultimately sway you to one or the other.

The most noticeable dissimilarity between both types of watches is the display of the time. As we’ve discussed above, an analogue watch will exhibit the time inee numeric dials. Yet, with a digitally controlled watch - you will see your time displayed on the Home Screen as soon as you turn your watch on (LED or LCD powered).

A digital watch uses batteries, electrical sources and many more power sources - analogue watches are typically different. With analogue watches, they will use a spring that is wound up manually inside, or on the side/ top of the watch on your wrist externally.

Digital watches from the past would only typically permit a 24-hour clock display and this is where it would normally differentiate between analogue and digital watches. Nevertheless, some designs now allow you to switch between 24-hour and 12-hour clock times. Consequently, analogue watches will only put on view the time in a 12-hour format, with no versatility available.

Moreover, a smart/ digital watch can tell you whether you’re either in the AM or PM of the day. Meanwhile, an analogue watch (stainless steel watch, silver watch, leather strap watch, etc) will only show the 12-hour display.


Which Watch Should You Choose?

You may see men's or ladies' collections when it's time to shop for either gifts or timepieces for yourself. No matter the outfit (dresses, jackets, trousers, etc) both of the watches will match either perfectly.

However, if your goal is to impress others and show off your unique style to oncoming visitors, an analogue wristwatch in silver, gold, black, etc will be the watch coming out on top.

With many options to show off beautifully crafted timepieces, it’s ultimately your verdict of what you think will suit the majority of your outfits. For example, if you have numerous black shirts, investing in a black men’s watch may be the way forward.


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In contrast, if your fitness goals are more important to you and you find yourself needing a way of tracking all of your daily progress - a smart/ digital watch will be the better option. As men and women are realising the benefits of using this technology, the results they’re seeing are incredible over periods of time!

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