Wearing A Watch With Your Everyday Attire

It can become difficult to choose between the plethora of options available to you online or in-store when you’re looking for a quality watch.

On top of that, you may feel the stress and pressure from society to invest in a watch that will match your attire at all times. Ultimately, you may be looking to add to your current watch collection that can be versatile in many situations.

Where do I begin to look? Are there watches that will match multiple outfits? Can I put my money into watches that will match my casual style and smart/ business style too?

These may be the questions you’re asking yourself and in this blog, we will discuss the correct way to wear your watch with your everyday attire.


Why Should Your Watch Match Your Outfits?

Whether you’re in the market for a ladies or men's watch, you’ll likely create a mental image of how the watch would look with certain outfits. Watches have become a form of jewellery/ fashion item in a sense, and are much more than just being a timepiece.

There is not a problem with this either. Style is advancing and it is important, in a world of judgement, that you get it right. So, why is it so crucial to have your watch match your attire?

Well… for the most part, appearance is one of the most vital components in this day and age when making a first impression.

Let’s say, for example, you’re going for an interview for a new job role. All of the other people don’t take much notice of their appearance, dress sense, hygiene, etc.

On the flip side, you make sure that your style is striking, at first sight, ensuring that the minor details are intact and your watch matches your outfit. Besides that, your hygiene, aroma and body language are all part of the minor details that are taken note of when first coming into a job interview.

Therefore, although you may never think of these meticulous traits and how they can be perceived by others - it can be truly crucial when you realise the importance of them.

Not only will you make a better first impression, but your confidence will skyrocket too. If you dress well and give yourself the best chance of success with whatever you’re doing, when it comes to these social situations - you won’t feel the backlash of as much pressure.

Confidence, security and knowledge all play a role in how well you perform and ensuring that these little habits are taken care of will boost that performance immensely!


What Watch Should You Wear Across the Different Formalities?

Among the many different formalities, many situations will arise, in which you will have to live up to a certain standard. Ladies and gentlemen will have to consider the different options they have when it comes to an everyday watch and what will suit their needs the best.

Nonetheless, what if you’re confused about the decision you have to make? How do you know what watch will suit what form of attire? Carry on reading to learn more about the style etiquette that you will need to understand when dressing accordingly for an occasion.


Everyday Attire

As different days bring different opportunities and scenarios - who doesn’t love to chill and relax for the day every now and then? For example, you may be hosting a gathering of family members around your house for a few drinks - or you could be relaxing on the beach in a different country.

Even though it is a relaxed atmosphere (whatever the situation), your elegant dress sense for this occasion still matters! Having your watch match the current activities will certainly mesh well with your surroundings, potentially gaining some compliments along the way.

Choosing a watch based on practicality and usefulness during this period is extremely critical for your overall design. This is why we would recommend a sports watch (with water resistance features) or a minimal silver watch.

When you’re put in off-the-clock scenarios, simplicity is key and that is what these pairs of designed watches bring to the table. Whereas, if you were to pick a silver-linked watch, stainless steel case watch, or even an omega watch for example, at a higher price, in this environment - wouldn’t match the ambience correctly.


Smart/ Casual Attire

Although every person has their own style in the way they dress on a day-to-day basis - for the most part, it will be a smart/ casual look. Whether you’re going to work or going out shopping for the day - this category will allow you to broaden your choice of items a bit more.

Everyday watches are seemingly the most favoured among all the options as they occur the most often - foreshadowing why this is the category that people need the most help with. Per month, this will be the watch that will be worn the most.

Consequently, ensuring that you invest in a watch that can be fitted to your weekly attire is paramount for an effective style.

Tips could consist of getting a fitting watch strap, the size of your watch face and getting a black or white dial (as they match all colours and show time effectively) are some of the key factors to go over. Click here to view the best modern watches at Amavi. 


Business Wear Attire

Now, as we go on to the more luxury watches for attires such as suits, work dresses, etc - this is the attire that will be under pressure the most. At high-value meetings with high-value people, you’re going to notice that these are the types of people who take notice of your attire at the highest rate.

Or, you could potentially be going to a wedding or celebrating a family/ friend/colleague's birthday. For these types of watches, you may have to up your budget slightly - ensuring that this once every so often watch lives up to an adequate standard.

Silver, gold, rose gold or black-linked watches will all be on the list for designs that you should take an extensive look at. Or, you may decide to go for an expensive leather that suits your outfit. To make the best first impression, make sure that you shop for and buy a luxury watch that will suit your dress code.

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