Most Popular Types Of Silver Watch

In the watch and jewellery industries over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in silver-coloured sales. By the looks of things, it isn’t going to slow down any time soon.

To see the trend coming back into fruition is no surprise, as classic silver watches and jewellery will always be a classic and luxurious choice for thought in fashion.

However, these beautifully crafted pieces of design will typically be made from opposing types of silver. In this blog, we’re looking at the most favoured types of silver used in the watch industry that you may see when shopping for a new timepiece.


Why Are Silver Watches So Popular?

With the popularity of silver watches rising (even though there are a few downfalls) - people are beginning to see that the benefits are beginning to overshadow them. Making an appearance in both men's and women’s fashion, here are some of the reasons why they’re slowly manoeuvring their way into the market:


Complement Many Outfits

Whether you’re going to an office job in your multitude of suits/ dresses or you’re going for the casual dressing of jeans/ trousers and t-shirts/ shorts - silver watches are the perfect accessory.

As the colour silver goes with most other colours, this presents a match made in heaven for any style you’re looking to show off. As its versatility prevails, you will not have to doubt your outfit when going to any social events, meetings, citizen-focused work, etc.

You will now not have to stress about buying a new watch or new clothing and outfits every time you go out in public - as these types of watches fit the bill for every scenario.


Affordable Prices

If you’re looking for a silver watch on today’s market, you will be sure to find many different affordable options to look at. Especially if you’re looking to spend on a certain budget, silver watches will be near the top of the list - compared to other watches in terms of their regular price.

Not only will they be cheaper, but over time - you will begin to realise that this is a great long-term investment if you’re thinking of reselling. These silver watches tend to go up in price as time goes on - which could be great for your future children (or current children) to have as a sentimental piece.

However, ensuring there are limited scratches or damage to the watch will determine its retailed worth. Keeping these watches in pristine condition (if you’re considering a future resell) is paramount to a worthwhile sale down the line.


Blocking Electromagnetic Radiations From Your Body

If you’re in an environment where you’re exposed to lots of sun, visible light or ultraviolet rays - silver watches are certainly a steal for you to invest in. As these radiations are common occurrences, most watches will simply not be able to block these radiations from your skin/ body.

Due to these radiations being seriously damaging to your skin and body (sometimes leading to cancer), taking every advantage available is the safest option.

As silver watches are the most effective metal against these electromagnetic radiations, you will no longer have to stress about possible future health implications.


Most Popular Silver Watches Today

If you’re looking to add to your virtual online cart, whether this be gifts for loved ones or you’re scouring through a selected bunch to treat yourself - there will be many that are pleasing to the eye.

Having access to different types of silver gives you the chance to assess the benefits/ negatives of each type and make a final decision. Nowadays, there are a select few that make a regular appearance with a person’s attire. Here are the most sought-after silver watches today for boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen:


Sterling Silver Watches

Among the Silver watch scene, sterling silver is regarded as one of the most popular models of them all. A key feature that everybody looks for in their watch when reading the description is its durability.

Sterling silver watches have this in an abundance and ensure you have a wearable metal that suits the external circumstances.

The only downfall regarding this metal is that it can tarnish slightly more quickly than other types. Although, overall, this is a stellar option for those in the market for a cost-effective, stylish watch.

Sometimes we can often be guilty of being attracted to flashy objects, rather than choosing simplistic and minimalistic necessities which present similar features.


Argentium Silver Watches

Even compared to a regular sterling silver watch, Argentium watches are superior in durability and tarnish resistance. Having these be a staple in your watch's manufacturing offers an unbelievable opportunity for the price.

As this silver has only recently been discovered and used on watches and similar jewellery - there is a unique feature that has been introduced.

Argentium watches are often hypoallergenic - meaning that your watch will be less likely to cause allergic reactions to your skin/ body. In essence, you’re going to be safer when purchasing this silver watch if you have a history of medical issues.


Fine Silver Watches

When it comes to silver at its most pure and original state, fine silver watches are the epitome of this description. Many watches on the list can label themselves as pure silver, but fine silver is the only model that can truly meet this statement.

In terms of its look, it may be the most astounding and breathtaking as it is the most natural form of silver. Therefore, the shine when new is incomparable. Nonetheless, the downfall with such fine silver is that it can be easily scratched and forfeit its shape over time.

With this being the case, if you’re prone to dropping or scratching items such as your phone, diamond rings, etc, it may be worth looking into other types of silver.

On the flip side, if you don’t want to spend thousands on a watch but still want the durability of a luxury watch - then investing in one of Amavi’s quality, durable, silver-coloured watches is the best option.

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