Modern Watches vs Traditional Watches

Which type of watch is better to buy, modern or traditional? There are so many great styles and variations of both modern and traditional watches - but what exactly is it that sets them apart?

Deciding which style of watch to buy can be complex, especially if it's your first time. The buying process can be made even harder if you don’t have any knowledge about watches.


Advantages Of Modern Watches

When it comes to the advantages of modern watches and traditional watches, there's usually a much longer list of additional benefits of owning a modern watch. Not only are most modern watches in better condition, but they're made with the latest technology and materials, unlike traditional ones.

Modern watches come with modern features, such as water resistance and more accurate hand movement. As well as being made with overall better quality materials, most modern watches are also crafted with thicker glass cases, making the chances of smashing your watch case slimmer compared to traditional styles.

Another advantage of owning a modern watch means that you won't need to keep up with having it serviced regularly to make sure it's working to the best of its ability. Modern watches are usually bought new, so you won’t have to worry about getting them fixed as much as you would if you owned a traditional watch.


Advantages Of Traditional Watches

Traditional watches can be both expensive and inexpensive, as they vary in price. Prices vary depending on who has manufactured the watch, some can be made by top brands whereas others can be unbranded.

Most traditional watches are crafted sometime before modern battery-operated watches came on the scene, meaning most traditional watches are either vintage or pre-loved. A lot of people prefer to buy a vintage watch as opposed to a modern watch because they have history and character.


Differences In Style Between Traditional And Modern Watches

Traditional watches are made with practicality in mind, instead of fashion. Modern-day style watches are mostly fashion-orientated, with different choices of watch straps, cases and materials. Although traditional watches can be stylish, they’re usually simpler in appearance.

Most traditional watches have a basic style, and the older they are the simpler they become. A classic leather strap and a small watch case are all that traditional watches have, but as time has gone on, watch faces have become significantly bigger.

The reason watches have become so different in appearance is because people started to realise that they should have bigger watch faces, as people have different-sized wrists and prefer having a variation of styles and sizes.

Modern watches tend to have a more structured look to them and have metal straps as opposed to leather. Watches with a modern appearance are larger and have a sleeker style, coming in multiple colours, shapes and sizes to suit everyone.

As we’ve mentioned, features of modern watches include things like thicker cases and shock resistance. These features add to the overall appearance of modern watches, making them look more expensive and high-tech.

Although people enjoy the additional features that modern watches are being created with, it all comes down to your preferred style and choice. If you don’t care much about fashion or technology, then it’s understandable why you’d opt for a simple traditional watch.


Are Traditional Watches Dying Out?

Traditional watches are in the midst of decline, with modern-day watches being made at a more advanced level and people prefer the up-to-date features most modern watches have to offer. It’s no surprise that our technology-driven generation prefers these types of products.

Undoubtedly, we’re living in a time where technology reigns supreme, so watches are constantly evolving as years go by. Because of this, a lot of people prefer to stick to their traditional ways when it comes to watch-buying, avoiding keeping up with trends and modern developments.

A classic example of how watches have developed over time is the birth of the Apple watch in 2014. Apple watches have a different appearance than regular watches, with additional technological features like touchscreen and brightness control.

Apple watches are proof that watches are changing all the time, which could ultimately make fewer people want to buy traditional watches. The watch industry itself is certainly not dying out, but particular styles are. These styles are predominantly those with more basic features.

Something to consider if you do buy a traditional watch is that it could have scratches and dents. As well as potentially having more signs of wear, added functions may be limited on a traditional watch and more upkeep could be required to keep it working.


Modern Features Of Amavi Watches

Our watches are made with high-quality materials and can withhold up to 50m of water pressure for 10 minutes - making them 100% water resistant with top functions.

We power our watches with Japanese Miyota Quartz, which has a proven track record of its accuracy. Its movement is designed to use as little power as possible, which means its battery life is longer.

At Amavi, we have a selection of top-quality luxury watches at an affordable price. Our watches are split into three collections, and each one of our watches is made with impeccable craftsmanship. Our collections are broken down into three, each having a different style to suit everyone.


Prestige Collection

Our Prestige collection screams luxury. All our watches within this collection are elegant and classy, perfect for anyone wanting a statement accessory for any outfit. Made with great detail, our watches are all top-quality and stylish.


Ladies Amor Collection

If you want to finish your look off with style, pair your outfit with one of our watches from the Ladies Amor collection. Created with the finest materials, our Ladies Amor watches are for those with classic taste.


Urban Collection

If you want something a bit more discreet, then browse through our Urban collection. This collection has simple watches for those who’ve adopted a basic style. Our Urban collection is the perfect mix of sophistication and simplicity.

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