A Mans Guide To Wearing A Wrist Watch

Wristwatches have been a fashion statement and a super practical accessory for hundreds of years, and have been the go-to option for telling the time on the go.

However, in 2022, the vast majority of us rely on our mobile phones and other devices for telling the time. Despite this, wristwatches are still as relevant as ever, and instead of simply telling the time, they can be the perfect accessory to any outfit.

Keep reading for our guide to wearing a wristwatch, including some top styling tips to ensure you get the most out of your wristwatch.


General Tips

Wearing a watch isn’t always as simple as putting it on and fastening it - there are some things that you may want to consider before walking around in your new watch. Here are some general tips for wearing a wristwatch.


Don’t Go Overboard With Accessories

One mistake that many people make when wearing a watch is wearing too many accessories. Your watch deserves to get the attention it deserves, and not be overshadowed by other accessories such as rings, chains, and cufflinks.

Be careful when choosing other jewellery and accessories when wearing a watch - after all, you want your watch to make a statement, especially if you’ve spent a lot of money on it.

If you plan on wearing other accessories, don’t go overboard. Be sure to pair them well too - for example, don’t wear a gold watch and have gold rings. If you wear a bracelet, ensure that it has a basic and minimalistic design as bracelets don’t often go with watches, and they can clash.


Don’t Clash Colours

The colour of your watch bracelet and face should pair well with the rest of your outfit. If you clash colours, the watch could end up looking tacky or cheap - so to make the most out of your watch, be sure that everything you’re wearing matches.

If you’re not great at matching colours, then you can’t go wrong with a plain silver watch or a white-faced watch. White and silver go with pretty much anything, as does a stylish black design.

If you wear leather shoes often, then try to match your watch strap with your shoes - for example, if you wear brown leather shoes, then opt for a brown leather watch strap. Pairing your watch with your shoes is always a good move.

Matching your accessories is key to looking great while wearing a watch - and again, don’t wear silver with gold!


Choose a Watch That Represents Your Style

Your watch should represent your style and your fashion sense, so be sure to wear a watch that you feel comfortable wearing. How you dress affects how you carry yourself, and if you choose a watch that you don’t feel comfortable wearing, then this may come across in how you present yourself.

When choosing a new watch, be sure to pick one that will match your current style. Don’t choose a gaudy watch if you have a casual style. If you’re not comfortable wearing flashy clothes, then maybe opt for a casual watch if you plan on wearing your watch with confidence.


Wearing A Watch With Casual Attire

Like with any fashion accessory, different occasions may warrant different watches - and if you’re dressing for everyday or casual wear, then you should choose a suitable watch.

If you’re attending a business meeting, then a camo-style watch probably isn’t your best choice. Wear casual watches with casual clothes, and wear smart-style watches with smart clothes.

Dress watches are pretty versatile and can be paired well with casual clothes as well as smart attire. If you’re unsure, opt for a dress watch - you can wear a dress watch with jeans and a t-shirt, as well as with a suit and tie.

If you’re looking for the perfect watch to wear on an everyday basis or for casual wear, then check out the Amavi Urban Collection. In this watch, you can find a variety of watches for under £110 that are perfect for casual wear.

In this collection, you can find a modern all-black watch, black watches with silver numerals, a silver watch with a black face, and a black and gold watch.


Wearing A Watch With A Suit

What you wear can affect how you carry yourself, and ultimately how people perceive you. If you wear smart clothes regularly, or you’re required to wear formal attire for work, then you may benefit from wearing a dress watch.

All-black watches are always a great choice, as they pair with most clothes. However, don’t be afraid to add a splash of colour. If the thought of a coloured watch is appealing, then be sure that you have a tie or a pocket square that matches the colour. A coloured watch face can add character to a suit, but choose your colours carefully.

If you’re on the market for a stylish luxury watch, then be sure to check out the Amavi Prestige Collection. In this collection, you can find stylish luxury watches that won’t break the bank.

The watches in the Prestige Collection can pair perfectly with both casual wear and smart attire. Whether you’re looking for a watch to wear with your suit or a watch to match your everyday clothes, the Prestige Collection is a great place to look.

If you’re on the market for a luxury black watch, then check out the Molasses Black - this stylish watch is sure to pair well with any black or grey suit. However, if you’re looking for a watch that will add a splash of colour to your outfit, then look no further than the Heritage Silver or the Prestige Rose Gold.

The Heritage Silver features a silver strap and casing with a navy blue watch face, which will look great with pretty much any outfit. The Prestige Rose Gold is the ultimate blend of style and sophistication, with a rose gold steel case and a dark blue dial.

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