Are Big Face Watches Currently In Style?

Many things come and go in fashions and trends depending on things like; the era, what is popular within pop culture, what we are exposed to by celebrities in the media and influencers across social media too. The people we look up to often have an influence on what we like and the tastes we prefer.

In this article, we are going to be talking about whether or not big watch faces are currently in style, whether that be for men or women. What attracts us to the size of a wristwatch and the trends that have come from having big face watches? Are big watch faces in fashion - and if so are they here to stay? Keep reading if you want to learn more about the trends around the size of watches.


Big Watch Faces on Women

The effect that celebrities have on trends comes as no surprise - and watches are no exception. Many things for a while have been considered and shown to be cooler the more oversized they are, including; oversized clothes, sunglasses and bags to name a few things. Trends tend to go in cycles and what once was a trend might not be now, but could be in the future and something that is current and in style now may not be at some point in the future too.

For women's watches, A-listers including Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham and Elle MacPherson have all been seen to be regularly pulling off what was intended and designed to be men's watches. Although on a woman's wrist, it can be a cool and oversized style. From the brands Rolex to Patek Phillippe, these high end and extremely expensive watches are popular and also their designer brand name comes with a designer price tag - making them very expensive to buy.

With many women opting for a larger watch face, blurring the line between men's and women's styles, it is not uncommon to see women pulling off a larger watch these days.


Why Are Big Watches Popular With Women?

Big, bold and stylish have increasingly been seen as a trend and a fashion rule. Boutique David Duggan reported a 15% rise in the demand for women's oversized watches, with steel and gold bracelet models being the most popular.

These colours are continuously popular on watches as they go with everything, including other jewellery pieces and clothing. You will not have to think about matching your outfit or existing jewellery to your watch as it will already go with everything without putting in the effort.

With a new watch of any budget, brand or style, you will want to show it off at any opportunity. The fact that it will go with everything or most things you own is kind of crucial.

If you are looking for a women's watch for yourself or a gift for someone else then do be sure to check out our Ladies Amor Collection of watches on our website. Our ladies' watches have a case diameter of 34mm which is still considered a bigger aesthetic whilst maintaining a more feminine design if that is what you are into but still want that chunky style to your watch.

As the line between men's and women's watches is often overlapped nowadays, consider looking at our men's watch collections if you are after something a little denser. Both the Prestige Collection and the Urban Collection are available to view on our website, we are sure that you will add a few to your wishlist once you do.


Big Watch Faces on Men

Like women's watches, men have been on the oversized watch trend for a while now. Larger watches often feature more of a detailed and complex watch face and the larger men's watches become the more elaborate, technical and flash they became.

The number of searches for oversized watches has decreased over time, but this does not mean that they are no longer popular. The term ‘oversized’ might have declined in popularity but the trend for big watches is still very much a current style, with no sign of it disappearing just yet. New designs across many watch brands and manufacturers are still being released with large watch faces.

Check out our Men's Prestige Collection for our range of luxury yet affordable timepieces that fit your wrist and style perfectly. Our watches come in a range of colours to suit everyone's tastes and we offer a mixture of leather and metal watchbands to choose from too so have a click through and add some new favourites to your collection.

In our Prestige Collection, the watches have a 41mm case diameter so are on the chunkier side, perfect if you want to be stylish and look the part with your luxury watch all without breaking the bank.

Our Uban Collection too has watches that have a case diameter of 41mm, the watches in this collection are more for ‘everyday’ wear - and of a simple and classic style, so if you are looking for a mix of chunky, stylishness and simplicity then this is the collection for you.



Trends change all the time, especially when it comes to fashions. Why invest in a watch worth thousands of pounds if you don’t even know if the trend is going to stick and still be stylish in a couple of years. Your high ticket item will no longer be stylish and also could decrease in value.

Amavi is your answer, classy, luxurious, affordable and of course all of our watches in every collection are extremely fashionable and on trend, what more could you possibly need or ask for.

You can collect a whole range of different watches to suit a different vibe everyday. Treat yourself or a loved one today with a special Amavi watch, anyone is sure to appreciate a gift like this which they are sure to appreciate.

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