Are Silver Pocket Watches Valuable?

Unless your silver pocket watch is in good condition, you will probably get no less than around £200 for it.

Although most silver pocket watches are valuable, especially ones that are vintage, the fact that some are so old can affect their value due to chips, scratches or general wear and tear.


History Of The Pocket Watch

Pocket watches were first made for the upper class only, later becoming a critical tool for the working class centuries later.

It’s believed that it was in the 15th century that an early prototype of the pocket watch was worn around the neck rather than being worn on a classic watch chain.

Popular well-known figures such as the Duke of Moderna and the Marchese di Manta were the first people to use pocket watches.


Silver Or Gold: Which Is More Valuable?

Gold pocket watches are undeniably more valuable than silver, but either is great to have.

Even though silver pocket watches don't hold as much financial value as gold, they can still be sold at large sums if they're in good condition and have been made by a well-known watchmaker.


How To Tell If A Pocket Watch Is Valuable

Being able to tell whether a pocket watch is valuable or not can be a hard task. There are certain things to look out for, like how heavy it weighs and the material it’s made from.

Taking your pocket watch to either a pawn shop or a professional could be a great use of time to make sure it's valued correctly. It can be really difficult to tell the value of a pocket watch unless you know of this.


How Do I Sell A Pocket Watch?

Selling a pocket watch is straightforward, but as mentioned, we always recommend getting it valued first. Getting your pocket watch valued will help determine where to take it if you do decide to sell it.

An auction or antique shop is two obvious and popular places you could take your watch to be sold. If you’re unsure whether your watch is classed as an antique, it will have to of been made around 100 years ago.

Alternatively, if you don’t have time to go to an auction or venture out to your nearest antique shop, selling online could come in pretty handy.

Once you’ve collected all the relevant information about your pocket watch, list it for sale on either eBay or another popular selling platform.

Although it's convenient to sell your pocket watch online, you will probably face more delays on the way to a successful deal, so be prepared for that.

If you put yourself in the buyer's shoes, would you prefer to see the watch in person or would you rather buy online and trust information from someone online?


Seller Tips

We recommend selling pocket watches in person, but if the only option is selling online, make sure you do it the right way and have the paperwork ready to send over.

It takes trust to buy from someone online, especially if it's something that's going to cost you a lot of money.

For some people, buying a pocket watch is a big investment, so making sure you sell it properly will help speed up the selling process.

There will be much competition out there, and making sure you're a step ahead of other sellers is vital.

Be sure to include information like the date it was made, the country it was manufactured and what materials have been used.

Buyers also love personal information, like who was first to own it or any other additional facts about the history of the watch. Make sure to include high-quality photographs, with up-close shots in clear lighting.


Indicators Your Pocket Watch Could Be High Value

Consider consulting an expert if you’re pocket watch is either gold or silver as opposed to being made from non-precious metals. An easy way to tell if a pocket watch is made from real silver or gold depends on how heavy it weighs.

Other key factors to look out for could be elaborate cases. If the case of your pocket watch is either painted or made from enamel, there's no doubt that it will have some value.

Stamps or engravement on the watch or inside of the box (if you still have it) could also be a great help when trying to find out if the watch has any value to it. A Google research about the name or company will give you more insight and information.

Among these main indicators to look out for, other additional clues could be if the watch has jewels encrusted around the perimeter of the face and also the material of the box.

After all, why would you put a valuable watch in a poorly made box? They’re made to last and protect.


What Could Affect The Value Of A Silver Pocket Watch?

Age, brand names and rarity can all affect the value of a pocket watch.

You could have an antique pocket watch in immaculate condition, but hundreds of them could have been made.

When people buy an antique watch, it’s usually because they like the idea that it’s a one-off piece and isn’t readily available on the market.

Having a pocket watch made by an expensive, well-known brand will always sell for more money despite the condition. Some people will simply buy it because of the branding, which is usually engraved on the watch.

Unfortunately for those with a rare, branded pocket watch at a high value, losing the box and original papers can deduct a large sum of money off the final selling price.

Buyers want the full set, so not having these things could affect the overall value. General signs of wear also play a big part when it comes to valuation - having scratches, cracks or a broken box could cause you to face problems when selling.

If pocket watches aren’t your thing, but silver watches are - check out our range of silver watches at Amavi.


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