Gifts That Can Be Used As A Staff Incentive

Staff incentives are a great way to keep your employees engaged and motivated at work, not to mention boosting the overall morale in your workplace.

In turn, this will help get more work out of your workforce and will help you build trust and rapport with your team. Therefore incentives are a real win-win for both employers and employees, whether it be an Amavi Watch or simply finishing early on Friday.

If you are looking for ideas for staff incentive gifts then keep reading for the best employee incentive ideas to help keep your staff motivated at work.


Why Might You Reward Staff

Incentive gifts can be given to staff in an organisation for several reasons, such as, to reward workers for their good and hard work, for achieving certain targets - either group targets or singular targets, for celebratory events such as birthdays, showing general appreciation for your staff or to celebrate a colleague’s first or last days.

Rewards, treats or incentives for any of these things can help boost morale in a professional workplace and create an excellent business culture.


Why Give Staff Extra Incentives To Do Their Job?

There are many reasons why you should give staff extra incentives to encourage them to do their job well whilst at work. Everyone likes and benefits from a boost of motivation from time to time and to back this up further as to why incentives are a good idea. Here are some examples listed below.


Increase in Productivity

Everyone wants a productive workforce. A simple and easy way to do this is to simply involve incentives in your company. Productivity means a better outcome of work, as increased productivity will improve employees' ability to do their job well.


Retain Talent

Showing employees that they are valued means they are likely to want to stay within your company. This means you can retain the best talent without your staff wanting to flee and find another job elsewhere. This is good news from a business perspective as recruiting and training new employees takes up a lot of time and therefore money.


Increased Morale Will Build Successful Working Cultures

Incentives improve the morale of staff in several ways. It gives workers a reason to believe they work for a company and are part of something bigger. It also helps to make people in the company feel valued and builds a very successful working culture and overall shows that you care. Tailor the incentives to individuals' wants and needs if you want to utilise their happiness.


Customer Satisfaction

Incentives go beyond staff productivity and motivation. The goal of many businesses is to provide some kind of service or good to a customer or client. Therefore if you prioritise the well being, motivation and happiness of your staff who will in return do their job well, then you are likely to receive high customer satisfaction. Which is often the overall goal of many businesses.


Incentive Gift Ideas

If you are looking for some incentive idea inspiration for your employees then check out this employee incentive gift guide below for some great ideas.


Wall of Fame

A wall of frame is a great way to keep your employees engaged and motivated at work, not to mention boosting the overall morale in your workspace. Which in turn will result in getting more work out of your employees. An employee of the month incentive will give a great employee recognition a great sense of accomplishment and pride. Who doesn’t like a little bit of fame and recognition now and again? Not to mention this is a super easy and simple way to increase motivation within a team.


Cinema Tickets

Cinema voucher tickets for your staff to enjoy in their spare time with a loved one will be enjoyed by staff and is a great gift idea.


Lottery Tickets or Scratch Cards

A lottery ticket or scratch card can be an exciting incentive and also a bit of fun amongst staff and the workplace. A cheap and easy gift to reward staff with, although you might want to agree on a percentage cut if they are scratch card or lottery winner and win the jackpot.



A hamper full of snacks is always a lovely and thoughtful gift to give and receive. Not just for Christmas - a hamper can be enjoyed at any time of the year. You can theme your hamper depending on the time of year and cater them to different public holiday themes, e.g Easter, Halloween etc. and offer them out to all employees.


Amazon Gift Card

Give employees the option to purchase pretty much anything that they want with an Amazon voucher. Amazon has it all and any employee would be more than happy to receive Amazon gift cards as employee rewards.


Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones could be a great incentive prize for a worker and it would help to keep them motivated whilst at work as they can listen to their music on the headphones boosting productivity too. Making sure they are noise cancelling will mean they will not disturb those working around them too.


Finish Earlier on a Friday

Finishing an hour earlier on a Friday whilst getting paid for it can make the world of difference to morale and productivity throughout the day. This will give workers a boost and something to look forward to on a Friday. You won’t even lose out on working time as studies show Friday afternoons are not the most productive in a workplace - you will probably get more work out of staff throughout the day due to the excitement of finishing early.



Why not reward some big achievements for certain members of staff with a higher ticketed item like a beautifully crafted Amavi Watch.

If you’re looking for a quality watch to use as a staff incentive, look no further than Amavi - whether it be from the Urban Collection, the Prestige Collection, or the Ladies Amor Collection, you’re sure to find an affordable yet super stylish watch with excellent quality for anybody in the office.

An Amavi Watch would be the ideal watch for a staff incentive as we do not compromise when it comes to quality and cost. We have the perfect balance of everything when it comes to watches and we are sure to have a watch to suit any employee.

A watch is one of the best things that you can reward your staff with - and it can also benefit you too. All employees will be sure to know what time is, they'll never be late to work or to a meeting ever again - genius!

So there you have it, a range of gift ideas to use for staff incentives that will help keep them motivated and working to their full potential.

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