Gold vs Silver Watches - Which Is More Stylish

When it comes to deciding on a watch, whether it be for everyday wear or a watch for a special occasion, one of the main things to decide on is the colour of the metal. Silver or gold?

The debate goes on as to which colour of the metal on a watch is the most stylish and we are going to discuss some of the differences. If you are unsure about which is better, then this blog post is for you.

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Personal Preference and What You Suit

Some people are either strictly gold or strictly silver because it is their personal preference, if this is the case for you then go for it! If you know what you like and like what you know then stick to that by all means, there is no right or wrong when it comes to colour and for a lot of people, they tend to suit either silver or gold more than the other.

Gold has more of a yellow hue and so suits those with a warmer skin tone whilst silver has a cooler and more grey hue to it, which suits people with more of a cool skin tone. Use this to guide you on which colour watch to go with if you are ever stuck - although if you are lucky, you might just suit both.


Price and Affordability

Many different factors can help sway you in the direction of either silver or gold. One reason might be the price. There is a price difference when it comes between silver and gold. Perhaps you wish to own a gold watch but the price of a gold watch simply isn’t justifiable. Silver is certainly one of the most affordable metals, it looks nice and is equally hard-wearing too.

If you wish to stay within your budget, you won’t compromise on look or quality when it comes to silver. As silver watches are stylish and for some, silver even goes with more and suits them better. You will not be forfeiting anything negative if you opt for a silver watch over gold.

However if gold really is your thing then look no further, at Amavi we understand that some people quite rightly want the look of gold but cannot justify the price tag, but there is something about gold that simply screams high class.

Perhaps for a special occasion - a family wedding or a trip to the races? If you wish to get suited and booted and wear a gold watch to complete your look then Amavi has a range of gold watches to suit you and your budget. We use high-quality Brush Gold Stainless Steel for that complete gold look and affordable price, the look of gold without the high price tag. Tips on how to match a watch with your suit can be found here.


Durability and Maintenance

Both silver and gold require different types of maintenance to look after them. Both metals will need to be cleaned every so often so they are always looking shiny, clean and at their best.



For gold plated watches you have to be extra careful, this goes for any gold plated jewellery too. Firstly you should not wear your gold plated watch in the shower, or whilst in a steamy bathroom, doing the dishes, doing any gardening, exercising, or whilst in the rain.

It is the base metals underneath that could react with any moisture so it is best to keep all moisture away from it, of course, the watch itself may not be waterproof or resistant so it is best practice to keep it dry at all times.

As well as moisture, gold plated watches can tarnish any products you might have on your skin, including lotions, fake tan, perfumes and sweat can all have a tarnishing effect on your watch. To avoid this wait until any products have completely absorbed into the skin and your skin is completely dry before putting on your watch.

To clean your gold watch you can purchase a special cleaner or if you wish to use a household item you can clean your gold watch with toothpaste, as it is good enough to clean your teeth it is good enough for good too. Just take a small amount onto a cotton wool ball and gently rub it around the watch. If you watch to get to some of the harder to reach areas then use a cotton bud.



To make sure silver stays glistening it is important to clean it so it doesn’t go dull, as silver is another metal that reacts with oxygen and other possible contributing factors including beauty products.

To clean your silver or stainless steel watch, all you need for it is some mild soap. Clean it in the same way with a cotton pad or bud and some warm soapy water. Finish by polishing with a soft cloth or t-shirt to dry it and to make it shine. For more information check out our entire blog post on the easiest ways to clean silver watches.


Which is More Stylish - Gold or Silver?

In conclusion, it is not about which colour of the metal is the latest popular trend, as they will both hold their popularity at any time for different reasons.

Gold can be seen as more delicate and understated at times, whilst also being good for more formal or flashy occasions. Silver coloured watches can do for both formal and casual occasions and silver can make a great statement too.

It is not about what is most stylish, both gold and silver watches will always be popular and suit a different outfit or look. Think about what will go more for the occasion you want you to want your watch to match maybe your clothing or your colouring along with your personal preference. Take all these things into consideration - then you will find the right answer for you!

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