How To Wear A Watch With Skinny Wrists

A watch can be a great way to show off a part of your personality as your watch preference is personal to you.

You don’t need to forfeit wearing a watch if you are concerned about your smaller wrist size as you can definitely still wear your favourite style of watch. This is why we have put together some tips on the best way to wear a watch for your wrist size. Keep reading to learn how to wear a watch with skinny wrists.


Why is it Important to Get Your Watch Size Right?

Your watch is there not only for telling the time - it also enhances your outfit. It has the ability to complete your look and tie everything together. Just like any item of clothing or accessory you wear, it has to fit you well and ultimately suit your wrist and fit your style well. If it doesn’t fit you correctly, it will be out of proportion to the rest of your look.


Have I Got a Small Wrist?

If you are reading this and wondering if having a small wrist applies to you, then it is said that any wrist under 6.5” is considered a small wrist size for men and the recommended case diameter of watches for this size of the wrist would be between 34mm - 38mm.

Then a 7” to 7.5” is considered an average wrist size and that means that around a 39mm - 42mm case range would be the best fit for this wrist size. Then again, a large wrist size is considered 8inches or larger - which if this was the case, the focus would be making sure you would not choose a watch that is too small.

Luckily the average watch head size is around 40mm, which isn’t far off the recommended diameter size for those with smaller wrists. This means that there will be plenty of choices out there for watch designs and styles, and you will not have to forfeit on choice because of wrist size.

Large-faced watches have been on trend for a while and very small watch designs are a thing of the past. With the perfect size watch for smaller wrists being near to the average diameter of watch face across all watches out there today. There is little room for you to make the wrong decision, and there will be a watch out there for you.


The Right Proportions

It's all about proportions and getting the ratio of your wrist to your watch face correct. If you are seeking advice because you believe you can not wear a watch due to having a small wrist, then look no further because we are here to tell you you definitely can.

It’s an outdated misconception that you can only wear certain watch sizes for a smaller wrist. This is simply not true, as a watch actually distracts people and their eyes away from the wrist. More attention is focused on the watch itself, the features, and the details throughout. This means the thickness of your wrist will be less noticed and so a big watch isn’t off-limits for those with a more slender wrist bone.


What Type of Watch to Go For

A good tip to follow if you are unsure what models to go for is to go for a piece that is visually more detailed and with an overall busier look. This will take the focus from the size of the wrist and better focus any attention onto the device instead.The diameter of the watch head is usually what people are talking about when they mention the size of a watch.

This should be taken into consideration when it comes to smaller-sized wrists, as the size of this actually does matter. Whilst big watch faces are not off-limits if you choose a style that is overly bulky, it might look a little odd on a smaller wrist.

The lugs should also be taken into consideration as each lug on the watch head can add to the overall largeness and if too big can stick out over the wrist which should be avoided as this is not a watch that fits correctly.


What Band to Go For?

Another thing you can do to control the overall look of your watch on your wrist is to choose a band that suits your tastes whilst suiting your hands and wrists too. Stainless steel is a popular material choice on metal bracelets although usually favoured by men with larger wrists.

They are also very popular with women's watches too. This means that being popular with women's watches, they must suit smaller wrists size - so it can be a safe option to choose. Then leather straps are also good for any size wrist and on any gender too. Then rubber, fabric and nylon straps are for more casual watches, and are often found on smart and sports watches.

So it turns out that having small wrists doesn't hinder the choice of watches - as long as you don’t go overboard with the size of your watch and everything is in proportion, you will find the right watch size for you.

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