The Best Way To Change A Battery In Your Watch

If your watch has stopped working or it’s slowed down, then it may be time to replace the battery.

However, it’s not immediately obvious how to do so, and you may need some helpful advice so you can change your battery safely and correctly.

How long do watch batteries last? And how can you tell if your watch needs a new battery? We’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to learn more about watch batteries, including how long watch batteries last, how to tell when your watch battery needs replacing, and how to change the battery in your watch.


How Long Do Watch Batteries Last?

Watch batteries don’t need changing too often - they’re designed to last. However, the length of time a watch battery lasts depends on the watch and the features it has.

For example, if the watch has LED displays or alarms, the battery will get drained quicker than your standard analogue watch.

Modern watches can usually go around 2 years without having the battery replaced, but older watches don’t usually last as long - around a year to a year and a half. The older your watch is, the quicker it will drain the battery.

Extreme temperatures can also affect how long a watch can go without needing a new battery, as can humidity and changes in air pressure.


How Do I Know When To Change My Watch Battery?

Many people will wait until their watch has completely stopped working before they change their battery, but there are some telltale signs that your watch battery needs replacing before it completely shuts down leaving you with no idea of the time.

First of all, if you notice that any extra features such as an alarm or digital display have stopped working or aren’t working correctly, then your watch most likely needs a new battery.

Another sign is if you notice your watch isn’t telling the right time - if the hands are moving slower than usual.

Sometimes, when a watch battery needs changing, the second hand of the watch will jump in 5-second intervals instead of every second.

Eventually, it will stop completely - so be sure to get the battery changed as soon as you notice this. If you’re not sure how to change the battery, we’ve got you covered - read the next section!

If you notice that your watch has stopped working or isn’t working as well as it should, be sure to get the battery changed as soon as possible.

If you don’t replace the battery promptly, then the battery could leak, causing permanent damage to the watch.


How Do I Change My Watch Battery?

Watch batteries are relatively simple to replace, but if you’re struggling, then keep reading for our guide to changing watch batteries.


Open The Watch Case

First of all, you need to open the watch case. Most watches feature snap-on cases, which are easy to open. Simply locate the lip on the back of the case, and place the watch case opener under it.

Twist the blade so it easily unclips, and then lift the back of the watch off the case.

However, if you don’t have a watch case opener to hand, you can use a knife - but be careful not to scratch the watch! If your watch case has screws, then you’ll need a small screwdriver.

Using the screwdriver, simply unscrew the screws on the rear of the watch so you can remove the case. However, make sure you don’t lose the screws as they’re pretty small.

If your watch has a slot watch case, then you’ll find it easier to open the case. You’ll just need a coin (a 50p usually does the trick).

Hold the watch so the watch face is facing downwards on a surface, and insert your coin into the groove on the back of the watch case.

Simply twist the coin anticlockwise so the case opens - however, on some watches, you may need to press down while turning the coin.


Locate The Replacement Battery

Once you’ve managed to open the watch case, you need to find the right battery to replace the old one.

The battery part is usually written on the back of the case or the actual battery, so be sure to inspect the watch in its entirety to find the battery type you’ll need.

Then, either look around your home for a replacement or purchase one - you can find them in most watch stores, jewellers, and of course, online (e.g Amazon).


Replace The Battery

The first step is checking which side of the dead battery is facing upwards so you can place the replacement battery accordingly.

Remove the battery with your hands, but if you’re struggling, then try using plastic tweezers.

Some batteries have clips holding them in place - if this is the case, use your plastic tweezers to carefully lift them.

Then, gently place the new battery facing the same way as the old battery - and if clips are holding them in place, pop them back.

Before you put the case back onto the watch, check if the watch is working correctly. If it’s not, then go through these steps again (failing that, see a jeweller or a professional).

If it is working correctly, then close the case and use your watch as normal.


Can’t I Just Take It To The Jewellers?

If you’re struggling to change the battery yourself or you don’t have the right equipment, then you can take it to a jeweller. However, you may want to try yourself first to avoid being charged for the service.

However, it may be best to go to the jewellers if you’re dealing with an antique or expensive watch, as jewellers know how to change the battery delicately without causing damage.

Jewellers are skilled and trained at changing batteries, and have all the relevant tools to hand.

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