The Best Wrist Watches For Men

A lot of men enjoy wearing a watch and are regular watch wearers. A man may have a single and classic watch they enjoy and choose to wear every day and on occasions, or perhaps they have a collection of watches they like to switch up depending on their mood and for different kinds of events.

Whatever your watch wearing habits, a person's watch is part of their identity, it showcases their personality and it can be something that someone notices first about you. A quality watch is much more than just a piece of jewellery.

In this article, we will be discussing our guide to the best wristwatches for men, taking you through our various collections and what each collection can offer to you. Keep reading for everything you need to know about these classic accessories, no matter what your tastes are.


Our Men's Amavi Watches

Our wrist watches for men are the perfect balance between luxury and affordability and our expertly constructed watches are timeless. Success is all about how you use your time and we believe that our watches are there to make every second of yours count. Read on for more info on the design and features of our best wristwatches for men.


Men's Prestige Collection

In this range of men's watches, the Prestige Collection hosts a quintessential collection of timepieces to perfectly fit your wrist, style and outfit. Guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel suave and sophisticated.

This line of watches proves that quality does not have the break the bank, with watches in this collection showcasing a minimalist yet luxury appearance, with luminous hands that give optimum time telling visibility in the dark or low light conditions - a true blend of style and sophistication will be sure to have you turning heads.

If you like to stand out from the crowd then we have a selection of limited edition watches in the Amavi Prestige Collection. There are a very limited amount of watches in these certain styles and therefore are only on sale until they have sold out and won’t be returning. If you see a limited edition watch style in the Prestige Collection that you love, be sure to act fast as they won’t be around forever.

These specially made watches in the Amavi Prestige Collection scream exclusivity and amazingly won’t break the bank, proving that luxury doesn’t have to come at a cost.


Men's Urban Collection

For the more subdued everyday style, our Amavi Urban Collection hosts the perfect combination of simplicity, style and sophistication.

All of our watches in this collection are very cleverly designed with the very clever feature of allowing the interchanging of the watch straps. Having interchangeable watch straps is useful to quickly change up the appearance of your watch and therefore add something different to your daily looks.

Own more than one Amavi Urban Collection watch and you can mix and match the watch faces and straps to create your own unique watch that you cannot buy. This will make you look like you are wearing a completely different watch, without forking out for an entire brand new device every time. All you need is a different strap and our clever design feature - genius!

At Amavi we have incorporated and understood the popularity in the customisation of people's things. Interchanging watch straps become increasingly popular due to the rise in popularity over the years of smartwatches and with that often comes the ability to interchange watch straps. We believe, however, that smartwatches do not give off the same sophisticated and stylish vibe for both informal and formal events as traditional mechanical watches do with hands.


High Price Doesn’t Mean Exclusivity

Everyone has their budget on how much they are willing to spend and can afford to spend on a watch. Many people spend a ridiculous about on a single designer watch, we are talking thousands and thousands of pounds on watches of various brands.

You are mistaken if you think you have to spend this much on a watch in order to get that luxury and designer label look as at Amavi, our watches are so similar in style and design, if have you ever paid thousands or have thought about paying such a high amount before you will never think to do this again once you try our watches.

The companies that charge thousands for a single watch often mass-produce some of their favourites and bestsellers and we don’t see any exclusivity in that. Most of the time you are paying solely for the brand name and not for the expense of the watch itself, which is to be expected for any designer good.


Try Amavi Today

Here at Amavi, we hope we have demonstrated in this blog the supreme quality of our watches and explained the different styles in the ranges we sell. We believe that the quality and luxury of a watch along with the style, sophistication and affordability can all work hand in hand. This is why we work hard to bring you all of these things, so you don’t have to forfeit on style, no matter what style or colours you prefer to go for.

If you want to be exclusive and stylish and have the designer look without the price tag - this is your sign to try Amavi watches if you have not already.

Take a look at our collections and shop on our website, whilst you are at it, we also stock our Ladies Amor Collection which is also available if you want to shop for a lady in your life. We hope that you do go and check out our collections for yourself so you can see the stylish designs we have to offer.

We offer free standard delivery on all of our watches and have a 30-day return policy in case you change your mind providing the watch you are returning is in the same unworn and resellable condition as it was purchased.

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