Top Luxury Watches This Summer

Summer is upon us and we couldn’t be happier. Everyone is more joyful and life just seems better when it’s hot and the sun is shining. Another reason why summer is great is picking what is going to be your go-to watch for the summer. There are many luxury watches you may come across that catch your eye but there are many factors that make a good watch - it has to fit your style, budget, quality and many more.

Watches are super important when it comes to completing an outfit, you could be wearing an extremely stylish outfit as soon as you add the right luxury watch to the mix. Bang, you’ve taken your outfit to the next level. You might have in mind that lads holiday you’ve had booked for months or it could just be a timepiece to walk around your town on, regardless of where you are going to be showing it off. It needs to be perfect.

Our in-house team of experts & watch fanatics have been searching far and wide to find the best luxury watches for this summer and we’ve put together this article to go through the best watches you can find this summer. These watches will range from expensive timepieces to high-quality affordable ones that are worth their value ten times over.

Many watches that people will purchase will get it just down to the ‘name’ as they’ve built up a solid reputation spanning back 100’s years but there is now a market full of first-rate watch brands that you don’t have to break the bank for while retaining that high-market quality you search for in a watch.


Super High Value - Hublot Big Bang Integral Ceramic Blue

This pretty little number will set you back a cool £19,000. Hublot is an expensive household name that produces some amazing high-quality watches that ooze coolness. The Hublot Big Bang Integral is no different, the dark navy blue colour is beautiful when worn on the wrist. This mechanical watch is made with serious ceramic which is extremely light while being more scratch-resistant than stainless steel.

The powerful Big Bang has a brilliant 42-power reserve on hand meaning less winding and means that you can probably wear this beauty until you are pushing up daisies in the nicest sense possible. This watch is maybe a once-in-a-generation timepiece that you can pass on in the future or a millionaire's next purchase in their high-value watch collection so it can be out the question for a lot of people and rightly so.

Still, we think if this is in your price range it can be the perfect high-value summer watch that you can wear for any occasion.


High Value - TAG Heuer Aquaracer Calibre 5

Launched all the way back in 2003. If you have a keen interest in watches, you may have come across the TAG Heuer Aquaracer. It is an excellent everyday type of watch that you can wear with your suit in the office or if you are relaxing down on the beach with a pina colada. Across its launch in 2003, it’s been redesigned & tweaked numerous times to up its already superb quality.

The model has always retained its distinctive look across the years with its multifaceted bezel which is now in ceramic and living up to the ‘aqua’ in its name, you guessed it it’s highly water resistance - 300m to be exact which also makes it the perfect beach watch for the summer. It features a steel bracelet with a blue dial that gives off that ‘yacht club’ vibe. The piece is powered by a calibre 5 automatic movement.

The price of this high-value watch stands at £2,000+ and it is worth is high-value as it’s a great top-name watch to add to your collection and something that you can wear and show off daily.


Medium Value - Seiko Prospex 200m

Known as a leader in the ‘entry level’ for watch collectors, Seiko is always a safe bet if you are looking for a nice-looking watch that is worth its value. The Seiko Dive watches have built up a solid reputation as being a good summer watch amongst buyers and perfect for those who like to partake in some summer sports along the way.

The model was created all the way back in 2007 but it has been revamped to a higher quality in the last years which has produced cult-liked fans naming the watch ‘Sumo.’ The case is 200m water resistance while the sunburst green on the dial really makes it pop meaning you can match it with some cool outfits in the night-time.

You can find this watch on the market for £740 meaning it’s a bit of an investment but won’t break the bank like the other watches.


Best Value Quality - Amavi Heritage Silver Prestige Watches

A high-quality watch brand that is quickly making a name for itself across the United Kingdom that is affordable as well, worn by stars such as top-ranked UFC fighter Darren Till and many more. Amavi Heritage Silver Prestige Watch could be the go-to luxury watch for this summer. The prestige watch collection has a number of first-rate watches that you will enjoy but one that is popular amongst buyers for the summer has been the ‘Heritage Silver.’

This watch screams sophisticated while also remaining modern, it will add any value to whatever outfit you are going for in the summer, the timepiece features a classic navy dial which pairs perfectly with the silver to create that luxury look that you are searching for. Set within a 41mm brushed grey stainless steel case, the quality of this watch far exceeds it’s price-tag meaning that you don’t have to break the bank to find quality.

This watch is priced at just £159 meaning that you can even grab 2 or 3 more out of the collection so that you can constantly spice up your outfits and increase the look for the price you’d normally just purchase one watch and hold all the other qualities you find on the list.

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