Valentines Gift Ideas For Your Loved One

Valentine’s day sneaks up on us every year, leaving many of us unprepared and settling for sub-standard (and overpriced) gifts for our partner.

If you are struggling with ideas for gifts to get your loved one for Valentine’s day, or simply want some inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

Read on for 5 of the top gifts that you can get your loved one this Valentine’s day, from day trips to quality watches.


The Valentine’s Card

Before you consider purchasing a gift for your loved one, you should think about what kind of card you’re going to give them. After all, many people will keep the cards as keepsakes longer than they keep the actual gift.

You can find many quality cards for your loved one for any price range - you can find 50p cards in your local B&M or Home Bargains, or more personalised cards on sites such as Etsy or Moonpig.

Lots of people prefer to send photo cards - this works great if you have some nice couple pictures together - why not design your own Valentine’s card with a photo from a memorable holiday or date you’ve been on, or if you’re married, why not use a photo from your wedding day?

You can also find an appropriate card that relates to your partner’s hobbies or interests. For example, if your partner LOVES cats, or has a favourite band, why not implement that into the card?


Sweet Treats

Although it may be considered a generic Valentine’s gift, you can’t really go wrong when buying sweets, chocolates, or snacks for your partner.

However, instead of simply opting for a box of chocolates, why not make a small hamper of their favourite foods? You can include nuts, crisps, sweets, chocolates, cheeses, and of course, a bottle of their favourite wine or other alcohol!

Many sellers (for example Thorntons and Moonpig) sell personalised boxes of chocolate, in which you can write a message and have it gift wrapped.

For something that requires a little more effort, you could try baking heart-shaped cookies or making your own chocolate bar by melting chocolate, adding their favourite candies or nuts, and writing a message using melted chocolate!


An Experience

One of the best Valentine’s gifts that you can get your loved one is an experience - something that you can enjoy together.

Instead of purchasing a fluffy teddy bear or a box of chocolates, why not buy your loved one something they’ll remember, and something that you can enjoy together.

This could be a date night - why not book a tasting menu with wine pairings or an active experience such as paintballing or a trip to your local theme park. This is something that will create memories. However, be sure to consider your significant other when booking something for the two of you - if your partner hates musicals, don’t book tickets to a musical just because you can’t think of a gift.

Or instead of making new memories, why not revisit old memories, and visit the place where you first met for sentimental value. For example, if you met at a coffee shop, why not take a trip down memory lane and go for coffee and a cake there?

Couples massages or spa days are always a big winner, so why not surprise your partner with this? After all, February can be a pretty depressing month (although not as depressing as January!) - and you could both do with some pampering.

Another great idea is to purchase a date bucket list - it’s a poster that comes with a variety of different date ideas, and you can work to cross each one off the list as you go!


A Personalised Gift

For a special and meaningful gift, why not opt for something personalised? In 2022, you can get pretty much anything personalised.

If you’re buying for a whiskey or alcohol lover, why not get them a personalised whiskey or wine glass, or a Champagne flute? You could either engrave ‘Valentines 2022’, engrave your names, or engrave your anniversary or the date that you got together.

You can also find personalised notebooks, pillows, bags, mouse mats, mugs - all sorts. For something that’s quite humorous for your boyfriend or husband, you could always order some boxer shorts with your face on!

A trending Valentine’s gift this year is a star map - a map that shows the night sky on a certain date. You could either buy a star map of the stars on the day they were born, the day you got married, or the day you met.


A Quality Watch

If you want to give your partner something that won’t break the bank but something that they can treasure and admire for many years to come, why not gift them a watch?

Some watches allow you to set the date - and to add some sentimental value, you could set the date as the day you both met, or the date of your anniversary.

For quality yet affordable watches for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, or somebody you’re dating, look no further than Amavi Watches.

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