Where Can I Get Luxury Watches For Cheap?

Finding luxury watches for a cheap, reasonable price can be hard. Having a watch isn't just about telling the time, for a lot of people it's a wardrobe staple and key accessory. For many, a quick glance at your phone is the modern-day version of checking your watch for the time. How often do you see people look down at their wrist when they get asked what time it is by a stranger?

Although it would be quicker to look down and check your watch instead of rummaging through your pocket for your phone, a watch on someone's wrist doesn't spring to mind when you try to envision the people of today's society, especially the younger generation.

If you’re looking to find a luxury watch for cheap, you’re in the right place - read on to learn more about luxury watches, the cost of watches, and to learn more about our range of Amavi Watches.


Why Do We Spend So Much On Watches?

Isn’t it funny that we spend such a vast amount of money on something that only tells us the time? Simply speaking, all watches do the exact same job, the only difference is what it's made out of and which company sells them.

Watches aren’t a necessity unlike an iPhone, it’s no secret that it would be extremely hard to be able to keep up with modern life without a smartphone.

Having a price range in mind is the ultimate decision-maker when it comes to buying a watch. If you're just buying a watch for convenience, you won't be wanting to spend a ridiculous amount on a high-end designer name.

If you're after a lifelong, trustworthy, designer watch, don't feel pressured to splash the cash, Amavi offers great, long-lasting luxury watches. We don't expect you to dig deep, and owning a stylish Amavi watch will end up being your best accessory with every outfit, we’re sure of it.


Does Cost Equal Better Value?

It’s common knowledge that cheaper watches tend to be just as good as expensive ones. So, does cost equal better value? Let’s have a look.


Brand Names

Brand names can definitely have a big impact when it comes to buying the perfect watch, but do we really need to spend so much money for the sake of a designer name? Amavi watches undoubtedly have the same luxury feel as some big-name brands, for a much more affordable price.

If you’re on the lookout for luxurious watches, don’t automatically presume you have to start saving up to be able to purchase a good watch. Our watches go through similar testing measures as many well-known designer brands, meaning our watches are top quality.


Why Amavi?

With three collections to choose from including Ladies Amor, Prestige and Urban, how will you know what watch to go for? Let’s break down each of our collections.


Ladies Amor

The Ladies Amor collection portrays true elegance. You can really see how much craftsmanship has gone into designing these watches. With an eye-catching, luxury appearance, this is definitely the collection to consider if you're wanting true class and style.


Prestige Collection

If you’re after a watch that has that timeless, luxurious look and feel to it, look no further than our Prestige collection. It’s certain that any watch you decide to choose from this collection will become a necessity in your life and a staple accessory piece with any outfit.


Urban Collection

Although all our collections are affordable and won’t break the bank, our Urban collection is full of mens casual watches for those that have a more simplistic and sophisticated style. With simpler style comes a simpler price. Our Urban collection is perfect if you’re still looking for that luxury watch, on a tighter budget.

Prices start at £109 in our Urban collection, meaning we’ve made it possible for those who aren’t wanting to spend a big sum of money. Saying this, our Urban collection is also suited for those with a laid-back nature who might just enjoy a clean, uncomplicated finish when it comes to accessories, so why not go for this collection regardless?


Top Pick

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by our vast choice of luxury watches, so to help you out we’ll let you know a little bit about a customer favourite of ours, the limited edition Prestige Dark Knight.


Dark Knight

There’s nothing not to love about our Amavi limited edition, Prestige Dark Knight watch. Set within a 41mm brushed, stainless steel case, the Prestige Dark Knight screams luxury. This watch is timeless and conveniently has luminous hands ready to tackle all visibility conditions.

Priced at £169, the Prestige Dark Knight limited edition watch is ideal if you're after something that is both affordable and eye-catching. If you're looking for an extra special watch, we definitely recommend this.


The Perfect Gift: An Amavi Watch

With a variety of different watches available here at Amavi, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. We offer a range of different colours and styles, leaving you with endless choices to choose from. At Amavi, we make our watches for everybody, so no matter your style, we have confidence that you’ll be able to find exactly what you're looking for.

We want our customers to walk with confidence whilst wearing their Amavi watch, and to reflect our true values and beliefs. If you’re wanting to treat yourself, enjoy a leisurely browse through our website, we know you will end up with your perfect watch.

Apart from treating yourself, we know that there’s nothing more annoying than being stuck on ideas when it comes to thinking of a good quality gift to buy for someone.

Whether it’s you’re partner, dad or friend - Amavi won’t let you down. If it’s Christmas, someone's birthday or you're celebrating a special occasion, it can be a pain trying to think of different ways to give someone a gift to make them happy, so luckily we’re here to help.


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