Are Silver Watches Still In Style?

In 2022, the majority of watches you’ll find on the market are made using stainless steel. Historically, silver was the natural choice for watches as other metals weren't suitable - gold was too expensive and iron would corrode.

Are silver watches still stylish? Why don’t you see many watches made of silver in 2022? And what other materials are watches made of?

If you’re considering buying a watch, or you’re wondering whether to dig out your old silver watch, then this post is for you. Keep reading to learn more about watches - specifically sterling silver and stainless steel watches.


Are Silver Watches Still in Style?

This question has two answers - yes, and no. Watches constructed using the precious metal silver are no longer popular for a variety of reasons. However, watches that are the colour silver are still as popular as ever and are maybe even more popular than gold or rose-gold watches.

All the best watch merchants will offer watches with a modern silver look, whether they be constructed using stainless steel or sterling silver. However, you’ll have a hard time finding a watch made of pure silver - unless you’re checking out vintage stores.

Silver is a luxury metal and element. The chemical symbol for silver is Ag - just like the chemical symbol of gold is Au. However, silver is a more affordable metal than gold and platinum as it’s less rare. Nonetheless, silver remains a precious metal just like gold and platinum.


Why Aren’t Silver Watches Common Anymore?

One of the main reasons that watches aren’t made of silver much anymore is because silver is a soft metal.

Although silver watches (especially pocket watches) were extremely popular hundreds of years ago, there are better options in 2022 that are more durable and much easier to maintain.

Because silver is such a soft metal, it can get damaged easily. By simply wearing a silver watch, you could bend the metal or scratch it on other surfaces. However, watches made of other metals or alloys are designed to withstand general wear and tear damage.

If you were to wear a silver watch for long periods of time, chances are, the watch case will bend. You’ll also have to polish the watch frequently to remove any scratches.

When watches are made of silver, they are usually alloyed with other metals such as copper or zinc to add some strength to the watch. However, silver watches that are alloyed with copper can leave discolourations under the bracelet (usually black or green).

If you’ve ever owned silver cutlery, then you’re probably aware that silver tarnishes pretty quickly - and it can be a pain to clean. The same applies to silver watches - the silver surface starts to darken and discolour, which can make your silver watch look old and dirty.

You’ll need to regularly clean them to get rid of any discolouration. It’s not just a quick rub either - you’ll need to rub the watch consistently for around 15 minutes to give it the shine it originally had.


Sterling Silver Watches

Sterling silver is a solution to the issues highlighted above - it offers the stylish and luxury appearance of silver without the softness and tarnishing issues.

It’s a durable metal as it is composed of 92.% pure silver and 7.5% copper alloy. Pure silver is too soft and impractical to use alone in watches, which is why silver alloys are common - and why sterling silver is so popular in the jewellery scene.

Pure silver will likely lose its original shape when worn in the long term, as it can bend easily as well as get damaged through general wear and tear.

To combat this issue, sterling silver was created. Sterling silver offers the durability and functionally needed while offering the luxury appearance of pure silver.

If you’re looking for a sterling silver watch, then you can check the legitimacy by looking for a .925 engraved on the inside of the bracelet or watch case. This indicates that the watch is sterling silver, and not a poor-quality alloy.

In 2022, a large percentage of silver jewellery is made of sterling silver - it’s stylish, durable, and you don’t need to polish it every week.

You can also find sterling silver cutlery to replace the precious metal - after all, nobody enjoys spending half an hour polishing cutlery, do they?

However, sterling silver still has a high percentage of silver - so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for a watch to wear every day. It can also be an expensive option - but thankfully, stainless steel is a great alternative.


Stainless Steel Watches

Watches constructed using stainless have the luxury feel and appearance of silver watches - however, they are a much more durable option.

Stainless steel has a similar shine to pure silver, which is one of the reasons that it’s so popular in the watch industry. Unlike sterling silver, stainless steel is composed of a variety of metal alloys.

In fact, you can find over 150 variations of stainless steel - but most variations consist of chromium and steel. Stainless steel is a strong metal and is scratch resistant. This means that you can wear a stainless steel watch in the long term and not have to worry about general wear and tear. Stainless steel is strong, durable, scratch-resistant, and has a sleek and stylish appearance.

It’s also a much more affordable option than the precious metal silver, so you can get a high-quality stainless steel watch for under £200.

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