Do I Choose A Black Watch or Silver Watch

If you want to decide whether to go for a black or silver watch, then we have a guide for you. Whether you notice it or not, the colour of your watch face and the watch strap is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a watch to buy. This can be the make or break of whether or not it will match all your outfits, and suit your style and needs.

Today we will discuss whether you should choose a black or silver watch depending on a few different factors that should be considered.


Where Will You Wear it?

One of the first factors to consider before you buy is the context in which you will be wearing your new watch - do you need it for work, special events or every day?

One of the most noticeable things about your watch is the colour of it, this is what someone else will notice about your watch first. It is not the hands or any intricate detailing around any other part of the watch - the colour of the watch you choose will have to fit into the lifestyle you lead.


Business Professionals

For those who are in the corporate world, who stick to neutral colours for their everyday dress code and wear, these people should stick to colours which match and suit their professional and smart appearance and match the office culture.

Conservative colours are best in this instance, watch faces that are black, blue or grey are respectable colours that will never let you down and are a wise choice that you cannot go wrong with.


Occasions and Events

If you go to many formal events or special occasions and are deciding between a black or silver watch then we would say to go for a silver watch - for example, charity balls and weddings. A silver watch face and strap is a classy and sophisticated colour of a watch to go for without being overly basic.

A silver metal watch strap with a different coloured face can be a good option if you don’t want something completely silver. Black and white are both good colour options to go for on a silver watch for more formal occasions if you wish to dress up a bit and feel fancier, as the clean colours of both black and white will pop up against the silver.

A black leather watch strap can also look super classy at formal occasions and events - if you go for silver hardware with the black leather strap, you will surely be onto a winner. Plus, the black leather strap can pick up and complement your black tuxedo or suit.


Black Watch

Black is a very practical colour, and it is a safe colour. You could opt for a black watch face which is supposed to indicate power, formality as well as practicality.

You can have a black watch by having either a black watch strap in leather or black metal or have a black-faced watch. Black-faced watches usually have luminous or white hands that make it easier to tell the time and also provide a stylish and eye-catching design.

Many of our men's watches from the Urban Collection and the Prestige Collection have luminous hands for optimum visibility.

Black can also be more aesthetically pleasing than other colours like silver or gold - black provides a higher contrast to the colour of the watch face or dials, which can create a nicer contrast, making it pop and it can be more pleasing on the eye.

Black lettering on a lighter background looks great, especially on a white face. Remember not all coloured lettering shows up very well on a lighter faced watch.


Silver Watch

Silver is a popular colour choice when it comes to all kinds of jewellery, so it is no surprise that it is a great and popular choice for watches too. A silver watchband can complement other bracelets, rings or chains you might have for an overall cohesive look.

If silver is your metal and watches strap of choice then a dark blue watch face paired with a silver bracelet is a classic pairing and one that looks smart and suits both men and women too.

Do not fear if you like or wear gold jewellery, or tend to mix and match. Mixing gold with silver can be done and it certainly can be pulled off by the right person who wears both well.


Final Thoughts

Regardless of your budget, if you love watches and wearing a watch, try and gather up a small collection of watches that you like, all with different vibes, that way you can have them fit for a variety of different occasions to match whatever look you are going for and in order to give your favourite watch the occasional break.

Remember more flashy designs on a watch usually do not go with more formal outfits so bear this in mind when considering your watch face if you attend or work in a very formal environment.

Black-faced watches are usually good and best with silver stainless steel bracelets or stainless steel mesh watch straps - this is a good rule to stick to and follow. Whilst you can opt for black or brown leather straps too, silver straps help to provide that nice contrast between the watch face and strap.

We would say here at Amavi that a black watch face is more versatile if you want one to match most occasions and day to day life. Black can blend in with any colour and outfit choice, it is subtle yet stylish and you can wear a black watch to the office, a BBQ or a wedding - the choice of occasion to match with a black watch is endless.


Amavi Watches

Whether you are more into silver or black, one thing is for sure - Amavi has a range of both black and silver watches for you to enjoy. Our watches are both luxurious yet affordable so you can create that collection of watches you have always dreamed of owning, all without breaking the bank.

Many of our watches also have an interchangeable watch strap feature so you can swap around your watch strap colours and materials to match your look and occasion, which is an extremely useful and beneficial feature. Have a shop around on our site to see what you can add to your collection today!

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