How Much is a New Watch Battery?

Watches are known to be highly reliable pieces of equipment that last for years and are even passed down for family generations and still work perfectly fine.

However, like anything in the world, if you frequently use them, they can be prone to stop working. One of the most common reasons your watch can stop working is due to battery failure. Thankfully, there is no need to worry as your watch can still be fixed - but the first thought you may have is ‘how much is a new watch battery?’

Well, we hate to give a vague answer. Still, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into consideration such as the model of your watch, the date of the watch and even factors like your local watch business - as you can find some places that give a complimentary replacement if you’ve bought it from there or it is your first time there. However, you may come across places that charge you for the service ranging from various prices.

The prices normally are focused on what watch they are dealing with. We’ve written this article today so you can get more insight on how much a new watch battery is and why it costs what it does. This will help you get a better understanding when getting your watch battery replaced.


How Long Does A Watch Battery Normally Last?

Again like the cost of a watch battery, there are a number of factors that will determine how long your watch battery lasts such as the quality of the watch and how it functions.

If you purchase a brand new basic watch with simple functionality it can last easily over three years. But if you have owned a watch for a long time and it’s aged to a certain extent then the battery may be reaching a failure point.

Many different features on the watches will affect the batteries' lifespans for example if your watch has functions like lights, sounds and alarms then there is a higher chance that your watch battery will last a lot shorter.


When Should I Change My Watch Battery?

Many people will seek to change their battery before it reaches failure as good common practice as it can save a lot of time & money in the long run. It is recommended in the watch industry that you seek to replace your watch battery every two years so that you can avoid any potential battery leakage that can be highly unwanted.

By keeping up good maintenance with your watch, you may find that your watch can perform at its best for longer periods of time. We can help if you want to find out how to change a watch battery.


What Is A Battery Leakage?

Some watch owners will experience battery leakage inside their watch and this happens when you leave a dead battery inside your watch after it has died. If you leave a dead battery inside a watch for an extended period of time, it will eventually start to leak battery acid which can then even damage your watch more leading to the inside of your watch being completely broken.

That’s why it’s crucial when you notice that your watch has stopped working and the battery has died that you seek out to get it replaced as soon as possible to avoid your watch damage becoming greater.


When Will I Know My Watch Battery Needs Changing?

You may have already noticed your watch battery needs changing if your watch has completely stopped working. You can, though, notice a few signs that your battery is about to die & get it changed before then so you aren’t just waiting for it to die for it to be changed.

One of the common signs that your watch is approaching failure is the hands-on watch that indicates time will start to skip or twitch which you may have never seen before.

If your watch starts to skip or twitch you may find yourself seeing the wrong time on your watch so you’ll have to be constantly changing the time so it’s correct it is best to save time & maintenance by getting it changed as soon as you notice it start skipping. This is so you can avoid other problems such as watch battery leakage as we previously talked about.


So What Price Can I Expect To Pay For A Watch Battery Change?

Unfortunately, as much as we’d like, we can’t give you a straight-up answer because there are so many things you need to think about.

What we can tell you, however, is that the best way is to contact a few local watch shops or repairs in your local area if you are looking to go into a store as a lot of them will be able to give you a quote there and then on how much it would cost under no-obligation.

A watch battery replacement will focus on what watch you have brought in and the individual components that are inside your watch.

For an example, if your watch is more complicated than the average watch then you could be looking at something that is a bit more expensive but if you’ve purchased a watch from a brand a lot of them will offer a free warranty with your watch over a period of time so if in that time your watch battery happens to die they’ll replace it free of charge.

For some high-value watches like Omega, you may have to fork out £65 for a watch battery replacement as it will need to be sent off to be done professionally by those with qualifications and experience dealing with Omega watches.

For a normal watch, you could be looking at somewhere between £3 to £10. You might even find some good-hearted watch businesses that will replace your battery free of charge as a good courtesy as it can lead to a stronger customer relationship.

So don’t worry if your watch has suddenly stopped working, it is most likely just in need of a quick battery watch replacement and now you understand the pricing & why it needs to be changed you won’t be confused searching around.

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