Top Functions of a Modern Wrist Watch

You may be wondering, ‘what are the top features of a modern wristwatch?’… If so, you have come to the right place. There are several things you should look for in a modern watch.

The higher the price tag, the more modern and high tech features you’d expect the watch to have - and so you might be wondering if you need to break the bank or remortgage your house in order to have the best features or main features on a watch. Do not fear - this is not necessarily the case. You can still have the best features in a watch at a more reasonable and affordable price.

In this article today we will be discussing the top features of a modern wristwatch and what you should look for in a watch, so keep on reading for more.


The Power Movement

The mechanism to which a watch works should always be considered. In modern wristwatches, there are several different types of ways a watch is powered to tell you the time. The main types of movement include the following.



Mechanical watches that you have to wind up every day or so for them to work can be a nuisance if you forget, you could quite easily get the time wrong if so.

The second hand on mechanical watches tend to move smoothly around the watch face rather than making a ticking sound. A mechanical watch is the most traditional type of watch but can have a higher price tag than one with batteries.



Automatic watches are self-winding, requiring no battery. These watches work by winding themselves up as you move your wrist around, which is extremely clever. Due to the high level of craftsmanship and precise engineering involved in making the automatic movement of these watches they are much more expensive than other types.



Next we have quartz watches. These contain a battery that needs replacing every few years. Quartz watches are very accurate at telling the type as they don’t rely on movement or another factor to work and you will not have to worry about changing the batteries that often.



Solar powered watches are available too, powered by the sun for solar powered watches to perform they must be powered up by the light. Sunlight is stronger than artificial light so place your watch in a sunny spot like a window sill when charging and when not being worn.


Water Resistance

Water resistance should be an essential feature for your watch, for everyday life, so you don’t accidentally get in the shower with your watch on - water resistance makes this ok!

Water resistance can mean different things, water resistance is very different to waterproof. Most water resistant watches would be advised by most watch brands to avoid wearing the watch in the shower whilst waterproof will be specially designed to take on all kinds of water activities.

If you want to go swimming or diving, you need to choose a watch that is diving resistant. Diving watches have water resistance up to 200 metres and sometimes more.

There are plenty of high-quality watches that are water resistant and that can withstand some water splashing on them when you wash your hands or get caught in a heavy rain downpour.

Our Amavi watches are water resistant and some of them have a resistance of 5ATM, meaning they are certified to withstand water resistance up to 50 metres in depth for 10 minutes.


Solid Case and Strap

Modern wrist watches come with all different types of materials for the watch face and strap. Usually, the more expensive the watch, the heavier and pricier metal is involved.

At Amavi we use high quality stainless steel and brushed gold and rose gold to create our special timepieces - we also have some real leather watch straps if you prefer a leather look to your watch. Both our leather and stainless steels are high quality and hard wearing materials, ready to withstand whatever life throws at you.



In order to read your watch in the dark, opt for glow-in-the-dark hands or a light-up face, this is particularly useful in low light conditions, allowing you to read your watch day and night. Many of our Amavi watches have luminous hands for optimum visibility even in dark conditions.


Amavi Watches

At Amavi we aim to produce high-quality watches with all the features and look of a watch that's worth thousands and we believe we achieve that. We sell watches that are always on trend and in a range of colours and materials and styles, so make sure you check them out on our website and have a browse.

Every single one of our watches is assembled by hand and rigorously tested and quality approved by a quality control expert with over 30 years of experience, so our watches really don’t compromise on quality when they are so expertly crafted in this way - all with the top functions of a modern wrist watch.


Modern Functions of Amavi Wrist Watches

The modern features of our Amavi watches include the high-quality material used to create them, and their water resistance of them - up to 50m water pressure for 10 minutes.

The power of our watches operate with Japanese Miyota Quartz, this is high quality and improved version of the popular quartz movement from around the world.

If you pick our watches to invest your money in, you can build up a collection and be rest assured that you won’t be beaten on quality, style, look and price.


Our Prestige Collection

Our high-class prestige collection is the perfect blend of class and style, these timepieces could be in gold, silver and grey stainless steel as well as black and navy leather watch straps too. Always on trend and impressive looking, these watches are designed for whatever fits your style best.

Unsure what colour to go for? Check out our blog post on choosing a black or silver watch here or if gold is more your thing we have a blog post comparing both silver and gold watches, to help you decide.


Our Urban Collection

For a stylish yet more simplistic design, the Urban Collection has got you. A sophisticated look always and available in a number of colours, again with the choice of metal or leather strap depending on your personal preference, all with the added ability to interchange the strap too.

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