Tips On How To Match A Watch With Your Suit

Choosing a watch to match your suit really will enhance your look and pull together your entire outfit - not to mention that you will feel super suave and sophisticated.

Read on for top tips on how to match your watch to your suit and what things to look for, whether you wear suits often or only once in a while for special occasions. Whatever your style, we can help you achieve the perfect watch and suit combination pairing.


Are Watches That Important to an Outfit?

In 2022, a watch is not just a device that is worn for the convenience of telling the time. With so many styles of watches available out there to choose from, a watch someone will choose will always depend firstly on an individual's style and preferences.

Some people have specific interests in watches and will collect different variations of the same style or brand.

Depending on what kind of look they like and what or for what occasion, watch choice is a very personal choice for lots of men.

When it comes to wearing a suit, wearing a watch to accompany a suit is not essential, but is recommended to help tie in and complete the final look. Not to mention it also definitely adds a touch of personality to your overall outfit, no matter what the occasion.


Less Can Be More

Not to worry if super flashy statements aren’t your thing - a simple dress watch is definitely still appropriate and is actually the best option for very formal events. If simplicity is the type of wristwatch that you prefer to wear day-to-day, then you can do so.

Dress watches with a single dial are so versatile they can be worn with casual everyday clothes too, as sometimes less is more and you can not go wrong with a classic timepiece.

If in doubt, the simplistic design of a dress watch will be fit for any occasion and will usually come with a staple brown or black leather strap which will match any colour palette, along with the simple face and minimal complexity it really is all you will need and will give a polished look against your suit.


Dress for the Occasion

When matching a men's watch with your suit, dressing for the occasion is important. Read on to learn more.



As long as you know your occasion and dress accordingly you will always be dressed to the correct level of formality.

For very formal occasions such as black tie events, or any event that calls for you to wear a tuxedo or perhaps a more formal business setting, dress watches are appropriate at these kinds of events. Minimal dial designs are best and sticking to a classic watchband colour of black, brown, or navy is best practice and means you can’t go wrong.



Metal watch straps overall are generally considered to be less formal, although lots of people now choose a sports watch or smartwatch for everyday wear.

Metal watch straps can still be worn with a suit if the vibe is appropriate. If the dress code allows loosened buttons on your shirt, a gold or silver watch will give you a smart but relaxed look.

To have the perfect put-together style, the rule stands that you should match the metals throughout your outfit. Take notice of the colour of the metals on your belt and cufflinks, then match your watch strap accordingly. Doing so will show off a well thought out outfit.


Colour Matching

As with any outfit, you want your colours to match and complement each other. This is the same if not more important when it comes to wearing a suit and like with any accessory, they are there to enhance your look. There are a few different rules to follow when it comes to matching colours with your suit.


Exact Match

An easy solution to follow to achieve a sleek look is to match whatever colour of your suit you are wearing to the colour of your watch strap. This will work for leather watch straps, such as your brown, black, or navy band.

Even if you go slightly more out there with your suit colours such as white, dark green or burgundy, this will still work effectively and look great and make the colour of your watch and suit pop.


Complimentary Colours

Another option to go for is complementary colours and take inspiration from the leathers in your outfit.

Some examples of good colour palettes to match your suit with your watch strap and shoes include; navy and brown. These colours work well together and are a classic complementary colour pallet for suit wearers. Black suits work best with black shoes and black leather watch straps. With grey suits, you can switch between both brown and black leather as both work well.


Amavi Watches

High-end watch brands such a Rolex, Piguet, Cartier, Patek Philippe come at an extortionate cost and will set you back thousands of pounds and designer watch label is simply not attainable for the average person and their budget. This is why Amavi watches are the number one choice of watch for those who are passionate about watches, love to look good, and want to be the best version of themselves.

We are a brand for everyone, our watches are assembled by hand and our range will inspire everyone no matter what your style. We have a collection for any occasion and a mixture of leather and metal straps available, perfect to enhance the look of any suit and help add personality to your outfit. 

Whatever the occasion and depending on your colour palette. By following these tips as mentioned above, you will be able to decide on the perfect leather or metal watch strap to pair with your suit to add something extra and enhance your look entirely and make heads turn. Watches in the Prestige Collection are sure to look great with any suit. 

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