Which Wrist Do I Wear My Wrist Watch On?

When it comes to wearing a watch, the question is often asked - which side is the correct wrist to wear a watch on? With luxury watches, this factor is ever so important so you can treat your luxury watch with the utmost care - every decision you make, when you wear, store, clean or polish your watch must be the right one if you want to look after your watch correctly.

In this blog post today we are going to be discussing which side you should wear your wristwatch on, what design features point to which side you should be wearing your watch and what to do if you are in the minority and are left-handed.

Wearing your watch on the incorrect side may come as a surprise, but it can affect its longevity, so getting this right can be crucial if you want to look after your watches, so keep on reading to find out more.


Which Wrist Should I Wear My Watch?

For the majority, the rule is that you should wear your watch on the side of your non-dominant hand. The majority of people are right handed this means by following this rule they are to wear their watch on their left wrist.


What Is the Reason?

The logic behind this old rule is significant due to the expense of the watch you are wearing. With your non-dominant hand being used less frequently, it is likely to suffer less in terms of wear and tear, knocking, scratching and any other kind of minor damages to the exterior of your watch that it could face whilst being on your wrist.

Wearing a watch on your non-dominant side also means your watch is less likely to get in the way of whatever you are doing - this is particularly beneficial as today's modern watches often are designed large, bulky and oversized and this trend seems to be sticking around.


What If I Am Left Handed?

10% of the population are left handed, if this is you and you are wondering what to do in this case, then the logical option it so wear it on your right hand - which you of course can and feel free to do, but you don’t have to if you feel wearing it on your left with the majority feels more appropriate to you.

For left-handed people, it is perfectly fine and acceptable to wear your watch on your dominant side - your left wrist. If you choose to wear your watch on your left side then just take extra care not to scratch or bash it throughout the day, maybe have a selection of watches and so only save your best, most luxurious one for special occasions. Have an everyday watch for day-to-day so you don’t have to take extra care 24/7 and you can relax a little bit about scuffing it.

If you find wearing your watch on your left wrist gets in the way, you can seek specially designed watches with the crown of the watch sitting at nine o’clock instead, specially intended to be worn on the right wrist - perfect for those left handed people in the world and those who might just prefer to wear their watch on their right side instead.


The Watch Design

If you look at the design of a watch, certain features indicate towards the intended side of a watch being worn. You can of course choose to wear your watch on either wrist - as many people choose to today, by not following the non-dominant traditional rule.

Some watches are designed to fit to a certain wrist - if you look at a watch you will notice that the crown sits in the position of either three o’clock or nine o'clock. It is less common for the crown to sit at nine o’clock and that is because most watches are designed for the majority of people and the majority of people are right handed.

The watch crown should always face towards your hand rather than pointing in the direction of your shoulder when it is on your wrist, so bare this is mind when you are shopping around and know which is your preferred wrist to wear a watch on. The crown pointing towards your hand allows you to adjust the time with your other hand whilst you are wearing the watch.

Remember to take note of the features of the watch in future, as a watchmaker's design determines the wrist you should wear it on.


Your Other Jewellery

Some other considerations you should make when wearing a watch on a certain wrist is the other jewellery you may usually wear on the same side. Bracelets, bands or rings could be too much or could work cohesively.

With a luxury watch you may not want other metals clattering against your high cost item so bear this in mind, or switch your jewellery to your other wrist to avoid any unnecessary scratches.

Some delicate jewellery can harmonise nicely when stacked together with your watch, this might require a little more careful paring to get the balance right - consider colours, materials, textures and the vibe and experiment with what works best for you.


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