Why Are Watches So Expensive?

If you are into watches, you might often wonder - why are watches so expensive? Some of the top watch brands are admittedly very expensive. By no means does a more reasonably priced watch mean that you forfeit on the quality of it - it is totally possible to own a watch that is both a bargain and luxury.

Today we are going to delve into the reasoning behind why some watches are so expensive, and why people pay for an item that is so extortionate - are they paying for the brand name or are they really worth that overpriced price tag? Keep reading to find out more.


The Time

Some watches take some time to be created fully, from the designing process right up until the finished product. Engineers of watches take years to perfect the unique watch movement and get everything to be working properly. Designing new movements or features and making sure they are durable and run smoothly is not an easy task, which is what costs the time of the creators - their attention to detail must also be impeccable.

Bracelet designing can also take up a lot of time and for it to match the watch face is no straightforward process, it requires a lot of care, and attention and can take hours to make sure they get it right. For a timepiece to look good, hours need to be poured into it to make sure everything is done right, which is a big reason why watches can be so expensive.



Some watches are only pricey because they are in demand. An in-demand item that is continually sought after can be charged at a higher price as there will always be a customer out there that is willing to spend the money on it. Sometimes some models of watches have a 5-year waiting list to get your hands on one.

If it is the limited edition element that appeals to you when buying and owning a timepiece of your own. Then look no further as our Amavi Watch Prestige Collection hosts limited edition designs, so you can be exclusive and stand out from the crowd with something that no one else has - you are sure to have people turning heads.


Material Costs

The materials used to make up a big cost of the watch, the material cost and the skill of turning them into exquisite timepieces. Some materials can be difficult to work with, paired with the skill required to work with them and together that can tot up the total of the end product.


Hidden Costs

You have to remember it isn’t just the company that creates the watch that makes money and takes all the profits, high ticket items are not just expensive to make, they also need marketing and then distributed to retailers too. Hidden costs all help to add to the total price of the item to buy, the brand can therefore make enough profit for themselves.

These hidden costs that you do not think of first are what help to contribute to the final price, the more hidden costs the more expensive an item will be.


Is It Worth Spending Thousands?

Now that you have read about the reason for the price of some expensive watches on the market, is it really worth it? The answer depends on the individual of course, as a watch is a very personal thing.

Each individual will know if something is truly worth it to them. If you believe a watch will perfectly complement your sense of style or add a bit of something extra to your look and more importantly maybe even your confidence, then you cannot put a price on that. As long as you are happy with your watch and your purchase it does not matter how much you spend on an item, whether that be a watch or something else - it is what is personal to you!


Amavi Watches

At Amavi, we prove that you do not need to break the bank to have a perfect special and luxury piece of wristwear. We have a range of luxury watches to suit any style or occasion. Make sure you check out the various collections on our website, we have our Prestige Collection, and our Urban Collection and for any lady in your life we have our Ladies Amor Collection.

Every single one of our watches is assembled by hand and rigorously tested and quality approved by a quality control expert with over 30 years of experience. Our watches at Amavi go through the very same testing process as some of the top luxury brands in the business. If you pick one of our watches to invest in to add to your collection and look then you can rest assured that you will receive a quality timepiece at a very competitive price. Read on to learn more about our main collections at Amavi.


Prestige Collection

A high-class collection of quintessential timepieces that fits perfect on your wrist and with your style. Available in a range of coloured metals including gold, silver and rose gold too along with a range of watch faces too, you can choose whichever watch suits you best.

If you are unsure about which colour watch to go for and you don’t know what watch would suit you best then you can read in a little more detail our blog post here if you want some advice, then it can help you decide what colour to go for based on what suits your skin tone the most.


Urban Collection

For the more simplistic yet stylish design, the Urban Collection is the one for you. Simple yet still stylish and always showing off that luxury appearance with Amavi, available in a number of colours and with the choice of a metal or leather strap depending on your preference and with the added bonus and ability to interchange the strap too. Interchange the watch straps and watch faces to create your very own totally unique piece to you.

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