Our Guide to Women's Wrist Watches

Looking to purchase a watch but want to understand more before you make the purchase? Or maybe you are already an avid watch collector and some of this information might be handy to you in the future. Either way, this complete guide to women’s wrist watches should help you give some expert insight into women’s watches and things you will need to consider before you purchase the right watch for you.

There has been a great rise in the popularity of women's watches over the years with many major watch brands taking notice and putting a lot of effort into producing some beautiful timepiece lines and now you can be spoilt for choice with a lot of high-quality collections.

In this article, we reached out to some of our highly knowledgeable in-house team who have created the ultimate guide to women’s wrist watches. We will cover everything in this guide from size, style and many more as we understand that many people will be on the market for different types of watches.

We all have our personal styles so there is never just one correct answer when it comes to watches - but there are still certain ‘rules’ that you should follow when dealing with watches. Much like the correct table ‘etiquette’, there is watch etiquette.


Women Watch Size

When browsing through watches either shopping or online, you may have noticed that many men's and women's watches are very similar and they are in a lot of ways but one of the main differences that you will come across is the size of women's watches compared to men.

The watch case size is usually a lot smaller, the main reason why watch companies will create smaller watches is that biologically women's wrists tend to be a lot smaller than men's.

If watch companies were to create women's watches the same sizes as men’s then there is a high chance they’d be bombarded with complaints that it is extremely uncomfortable.

That’s why you will see women's watch case sizes be a small size compared to a lot of men's ones. But what would be the best size for my watches? Well, to be honest, it depends.

A lot of it will come down to the size of your wrist, an average size of a woman's wrist and the ones we deal with the most here will tend to be on average 5 - 7 inches. If your wrists are 5 - 6 inches you may find yourself favouring a case size of 21mm to 28mm. If your wrists are just a bit bigger at 6 - 7 inches, you may prefer going for a watch case size of 28mm to 34mm.

You must remember that this is just an average preference that we deal with but personal preference is always very important and you can go for a smaller case size or bigger depending on your personal style. Just make sure to pick a watch that you will find comfortable to wear as you will want to be wearing it every day or for big planned events.

You may also wish to consider big-face watches - are they currently in style


Women Watch Style

Now that we’ve gone into size, you’ll need to consider what style you are going for. While back in the day, women's watches were mainly just for the ‘upper class’ and mainly made to be paired with an expensive dress. Today there are so many good options available in different types of styles for women now - you can find everything from dress watches, sports watches, everyday watches and many more.

When purchasing a watch, you’ll have to consider what you are buying it for and when you are going to be wearing it. Are you someone who is going to be in the ocean frequently? Then look for watches that can handle being underwater or are you going to be in business meetings and want to impress? It may be best for you to purchase an upscale watch that may cost a bit more but you have it for life.


Women's Watch Case Materials

Case material is super important as it is a massive part of how it affects your watch on things like its durability. The most common materials that you’ll come across when purchasing a women's watch are yellow gold, rose gold and our personal favourite stainless steel.

Gold watches require a lot more upkeep than stainless steel as it’s a lot more prone to scratching so you will have to spend more time on maintenance which can be annoying.

The more popular choice that people go with is searching for watches that are made from stainless steel as you don’t have to worry about scratching and spending hours on maintenance with it.

This is because it’s highly durable plus you don’t have to sacrifice any style with all these amazing benefits as many stainless steel watches are highly stylish with many different types of styles.


Women's Watch Straps

Watch straps will either fall into two different categories - bracelets (metal) or straps (leather or nylon) Generally, both kinds serve the same purpose as many people believe that bracelets are for more upscale outings and a lot of people believe that the fancier watches are leather strap watches.

It all depends again on what style goes best for you as you can wear both straps whether you are someone who does sporty activities or if you are going to a fancy restaurant. If you're unsure about whether to buy a watch with a leather or rubber strap, we can help. 


Women's Watch Colour

One of the massive advantages that come with women's watches is that you are able to find a lot more cool colours compared to men's watches which can sometimes be extremely safe.

When searching for the perfect watch for you, you’ll have to decide whether you want to go for a watch with a colour that pops out or if you want a more neutral watch e.g. black, silver or gold. Check out our blog post about black and silver watches

Watches with a bit more colour can be perfect if you are looking to pair them with an extravagant outfit you’ve recently purchased.

Check out out collection of Women's Wrist Watches here. 

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